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With Ronny Jackson out as chief White House doctor, Trump needs an independent medical evaluation

In light of new allegations against Dr. Ronny Jackson, we must ask, looking back, how credible was Jackson’s January report on the President’s physical? And going forward, can America trust a doctor beholden to the President to tell us the truth about his mental, cognitive and physical health?

Former subordinates described Jackson as “unethical” and “dishonest,” with a “kiss up and kick down” management style. If we needed evidence of these accusations, we need look no farther than his press conference early this year on the President’s health.

Like many loyal Trump staffers, Jackson was fulsome in his praise of Trump, opining about his marvelous genes and distorting the truth to protect his boss. He waxed poetic about his “excellent heart health,” when the lab numbers showed something closer to heart disease. And the President apparently grew an extra inch from his previously reported 6’2″, which allowed him to miss the cut off for obesity by half a pound.

But most important of all were Jackson’s misleading comments about the President’s mental and cognitive health…..

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